In MOM project we are developing a very creative and interactive methodology that will spark imagination of young participants – STEAM Cards!

The partners are collaborating on creation of STEAM card game that will be implemented by using 4 different deck of cards:

(1) STEM careers cards will present one profession from STEM fields like biotechnology, computer science, chemistry, astronomy, aeronautics, physics, engineering, environmental science, mathematics and others. Every card will have a short description of given profession and a QR code with links to further reading materials or video for more information about the career.

(2) Challenge cards will consist of one goal from UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Goals are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by all UN members. It focuses on peace, prosperity and sustainability on global level. The goals include ending world poverty, improving health and education, reducing social and economic inequalities, climate action, clean and affordable energy, etc. This card will represents the main challenge that needs to be solved in combination with concepts from other cards.

(3) Media, Arts and Creativity cards will hold numerous ways of creative expression using different media or more classical art forms. For example: photography, sound art, performance, sculpture, painting, podcast, sculpture, animation, game or crafts.

(4) Concept cards are intended to spark imagination. The goal of these cards is to inspire participants to think outside the box! How to engage, adapt, teach, rise, expand, grow? Why is something alive, free, healthy, average, ill, valuable? If possible, they have to adapt the concepts from these cards to other cards to develop coherent and meaningful question.


The STEAM card game begins when participants select one card from each deck and develop a driving question including words from all cards. For example: How can a (1) microbiologist tackle (2) climate change using (3) micro:bit and/with (4) scale? And this is how the magic of STEAM begins…